Ron Inghilterra is the President and Chief Executive Officer as well as one of the founders of  REm2.  He has experience in                             executive management roles with large, well established corporations,  as well as start-ups.


Prior to founding REm2, Ron spent more than seven years at Advanced Technology Services, Inc. where he served as that organization’s first CIO.  In his tenure at ATS, he was able to craft an information technology strategy that ultimately provided a world class computing infrastructure and the development/implementation of the eFactoryPro™ product suite - an industry-leading technology tool that provided ATS with enormous product differentiation in the outsourced manufacturing maintenance sector.

During his last two years at ATS, Mr. Inghilterra moved to the position of Vice President and General Manager for the company’s Industrial Component Repair & Calibration division.  He took over responsibility for a business that had performed no better than break-even for ten consecutive quarters and, in less than twenty-four months, assembled a new management team that was able to post five successive quarters of positive operating profit.

Mr. Inghilterra has also served as the Vice President of Information Technology for Austin, Texas based Forte, an organization with holdings in the healthcare, consulting and publishing industries; Vice President of Information Systems for Isuzu Motors; Executive Vice President and Managing Director for S.A.C. Consulting; Director of Information Technology for Sav-On Drugs and Manager of Application Development for a division of Phillip Morris.


                      Everett Bollerman is the Senior Vice President of Operations and one of the founders of REm2.  He is an experienced                                      business executive who is responsible for delivering on all client engagements.

                   Prior to founding REm2, Everett spent several years with Advanced Technology Services, Inc. where he served as an Account Executive responsible for sales in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. 

Mr. Bollerman’s other positions include; Director of Purchasing for the Tandy Corporation, Plant Manager for Master Calculator and President of First Marketing.  An engineer by education, he has a unique insight as to how technology, when properly developed and deployed, can lead growth-focused organizations to increased profitability.